A First Day of School Letter from the Fairies

A personalised letter for those children who are about to start their first day of school.

This letter is written by First Day of School Fairy (for girls) and by the First Day of School Elf (for boys). The letter will mention your child by name and will include references to your child's friends and toys. This letter aims to allay any anxieties your child may harbour about starting school.

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First Day of School Fairy Letter Sample Text

Sample Fairy Letter

Dear Samantha

I am writing to you because I have heard the exciting news that you are soon start your very first day of school. Congratulations!

My name is Escola and I am the First Day of School Fairy. I live with all my Elf and Fairy friends in the magic Buttercup Forest which is not very far from your house in Kew. Of course, unless you are an Elf or a Fairy you won’t be able to find Buttercup Forest, because it is a special, magical place where only the Fairy Folk can go.

Last night as I travelled near Kew, I could hear Cuddly the teddy bear and Jenny the dolly calling out to me. So I visited your house and discovered my very special friend Samantha will soon be starting her very first day at her new school Kew Primary. I also heard your new Teacher's name will be Mrs Jones. I was very excited to hear this news Samantha, because it means you are such a big girl now - 5 years old!

I’ll bet your Mummy and Daddy have been helping you prepare for your first day at school by getting all your books and pencils and stuff all organised for your first day. Hey, you know what Samantha? The next time you are out, you might like to ask your Mummy and Daddy if they can show you your new school. That way you will know exactly where it is and what it will look like. You can also ask your Mummy and Daddy as many questions about your new school as you can possibly think of. They will be very happy to tell you all about it....

(full letter continues for two A4 sized pages)

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